About Us

FORTE is a Latin American specialty underwriter with a proven strategy and track record. We bring together a group of individuals who have shown over many years their ability to provide highly specialized and focused products to our clients. We can find solutions to your risk whether they be simple or more complex.

FORTE is committed to providing its clients with critical risk mitigation mechanisms and with the service they deserve with prompt responses to their requests.

FORTE strengths include a balance of:

  • Decision Making
    Having a profound knowledge of our subject matter and the experience to back this up, allows us to take a course of action that results in good decision making, which further results in good accurate underwriting practice.
    FORTE underwriters are empowered to take risk. Our response is fast and complete and puts clients’ minds at ease.
    FORTE makes good decisions
  • Experience
    In underwriting there can be no substitute for experience.
    FORTE’s senior underwriters have many years of experience in their field and are amongst the best known and respected practitioners of their art in our region. They are supported by a dedicated team of assistant and junior underwriters. Together, their critical thinking allows them to identify the strengths and weaknesses of individual risks and find solutions to clients’ needs.
    Complex problem solving is our FORTE.
  • Knowledge
    With experience comes knowledge and our team uses their knowledge to ensure that our clients are always given the best advice available. Because we take the time listen to these requests, we understand what their requirements are. However complex, our insurances are tailored to meet the varying needs of all our many clients.
    The diverse nationality of our team gives us a great insight to the complexities of our region.
    FORTE has a strong multinational team.
  • Service
    Underwriting the policy protects the financial requirements of the insured but it also important to continue giving support throughout the term of the policy.
    Our underwriters are continually involved in helping clients understand more about their insurance risk. This is accomplished through training seminars and visits.
    This service allows for a better understanding between the parties and leads to successful long term relationships -this is part of the reason why the FORTE portfolio has a high renewal rate and continues to grow in the region.

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